Top 10 Toddler Activities I Got on Amazon – Ideas You’ll Both Love

The world of a toddler can be enchanting, where every day is an adventure filled with laughter, moments filled with curiosity, or just endless energy. Whatever your little one has in mind, as parents, we can always use a little bit of help tapping into the young spirit of our kids. After all, having a fun environment for learning and growing is always essential. Keeping those little hands and minds engaged is key to a harmonious household. That’s why we’ve curated a list of ten toddler activities available on Amazon, handpicked and totally life-changing.

Here, we understand that even the simplest moments can be transformed into magical memories. Whether your toddler is a tiny explorer, a budding artist, or a future scientist, these activities add a touch of wow to your day. From interactive play that sparks creativity to educational toys that twinkle with learning potential, our Amazon picks promise to make being a toddler an even more dazzling journey. So, let’s dive into a world of toddler activities that bring joy to the little ones and the grown-ups.

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10 Toddler Activities and Items You Can Find on Amazon

1. Bubble Party

Elevate your toddler’s playtime to a world of bubbles with this big pack of bubbles with wands. This delightful pack, discovered on Amazon, offers an abundance of bubble-filled joy with its vibrant assortment of colors, including Yellow, Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Green, and Red. Each bubble wand measures a perfect toddler-friendly size of 14 inches; these wands unleash a cascade of beautiful bubbles, turning any playdate or family gathering into a whimsical celebration.

The non-toxic bubble solution follows the highest U.S. toy standards, providing worry-free play for your little ones. Make bubbles more than just a playtime accessory; as a magical touch to themed parties and school events, and even serve as fantastic classroom prizes. Wherever you bring the bubbles, the fun is sure to follow!

2. Bestrip Kids Monocular

Introduce your toddlers to exploration with the Bestrip 2-in-1 Mini Kids Monocular Telescope, a captivating outdoor toy discovered on Amazon. The working monocular toy is designed for boys and girls through color options. This mini telescope provides an 8x magnification that lets young adventurers get up close and personal with the world around them right at their fingertips. Incorporating a rechargeable LED flashlight makes it even more exciting, turning the telescope into a multifunctional tool for both day and night discoveries! My toddler loves the light most as he learns to use the tool.

This telescope is perfect for camping, hiking, bird-watching, and more. It is even great to promote imagination play as a pirate or world traveler! The compact and lightweight design and child-safe materials ensure your little ones’ ease of use and safety. Whether they are exploring the backyard or embarking on a nature-themed adventure, this telescope makes for an educational and entertaining toddler activity, sparking their curiosity about the world in a fun and interactive way.

3. Toddler Blow Up Mattress

Elevate your toddler’s travel experience or at-home imagination with the Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed, a fantastic find on Amazon that transforms any trip into a true adventure for your little one. This portable kids’ air mattress, designed for toddlers, offers a perfect blend of comfort and safety. The inflatable mattress provides a soft and secure space for your toddler to play or nap. It is ideal for road trips, camping, or even temporary beds at grandma’s house. You can even use the mattress as a fun and extra special play place in your yard for a safe experience your kids will cherish.

The mattress is made of safe and harmless materials, including breathable flocking fabric and non-slip PVC. With that being said, the bed ensures your child’s comfort and security. The added benefit of protective bumpers and reinforced seams guarantee durability, making this toddler travel bed 50% thicker than others on the market. The convenience of quick deflation, a carrying bag, and a multifunctional design, including a high-speed pump, make it an essential toddler activity accessory for any on-the-go family. My toddler loves using the bed because even seeing that package symbolizes “fun” as he’s gotten used to the special events that follow the mattress.

4. Engineering Building Blocks by ETI Toys

The ETI Toys STEM Learning Original Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set is a delightful find on Amazon. This 172-piece kit offers a more productive and engaging alternative to traditional toys, primarily focusing on building new skills. It’s not just a plaything; it’s a tool to develop your child’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills. I started my son young with this toy with supervision because he was already showing interest in activities like these and seeking greater mental stimulation. So, as your little one assembles creative designs, trucks, transformers, helicopters, and robots, they are actively building fine motor skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and fostering logical thinking. These are the kinds of skills that keep my son engaged in a way that he doesn’t get bored.

This educational toy set perfectly blends fun and learning, encouraging teamwork and collaboration as children construct exciting creations. It also allows parents to bond with their children through communication and creativity. The set includes an exclusive 80-page step-by-step instructional eBook with 12 different toy designs, providing endless possibilities for imaginative play. This way, as a parent, you can learn to help your child with ideas and designs. It is truly a fun toy with endless possibilities, and although my son has been supervised since he was still small, it is fun for me to see how his brain works and what unique creations he puts together.

5. Premium Tie Dye Kit

The Premium Tie Dye Kit I found on Amazon is the perfect activity for your little ones to create something they can be proud of. With a large variety of 24 different vibrant colors, this kit is a burst of creativity waiting to happen. It is straightforward to use and requires no prior experience, making it the perfect toddler activity for you and your little one. Your little artists can explore a world of color, tie-dying shirts, clothing items, pillowcases, and more. Their imagination is the limit.

The kit includes 24 bags of dye powders, squeeze bottles, spray bottles for spray tie-dye, rubber bands, gloves, funnels, a large plastic clean workspace sheet, and step-by-step instructions. The best part? Cleanup is a breeze, and the dyes are non-toxic, ensuring a safe and enjoyable creative process. Let your toddler’s imagination run wild with this engaging, vibrant activity that promises hours of colorful fun. My son was so proud to wear the shirt his aunt made with this tie dye kit. He even told everyone he came across that he made it.

6. Busy Book

This is another one for the young artists out there. Unleash your toddler’s inner artist with a new Artist Set, a treasure trove of creativity available on Amazon. The art set I got has 40+ pieces, a vibrant playground for young painters designed to inspire and engage. Please note that what you see in this art set is intended for kids six and up. My son’s aunt is an artist and teaches him a lot about the supplies in kits like this. It is a perfect starting point for him because she ensures a safe environment where he is supervised and can learn by placing his hand on hers. This activity idea is more about showing him how it works through supervised handholding than about him creating the art himself when we use it here. But it keeps him calm, occupied, and proud of what he is helping to create.

Our hit has 24 acrylic paint colors, three paintbrushes, artist’s paper, a color wheel, a painter’s palette, and an easy-to-follow 12-page activity guide; this set transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary masterpieces. The open-ended exploration encourages kids to express themselves freely, fostering imagination and creativity. Beyond the joy of painting, the Busy Book kit also contributes to skill-building through play, enhancing hand-eye coordination, skill, and concentration. It’s not just an art kit; it’s a gift of creativity, perfect for family time with a toddler or independent play with an older child.

7. Reward and Behavior Chart

Take control of your toddler’s routine by creating an engaging and rewarding experience with the LittleHippo Magnetic Star Reward and Behavior Chart, a brilliant tool available on Amazon. Ideal for fostering responsibility, good behavior, and routine, this customizable chart is perfect for various developmental milestones like potty training and sleep training. It is a tool you can use to make milestones fun and rewarding. And I’m not going to lie; it helps me feel good as a parent knowing I’m making these learning moments more fun for my son. You can tailor this tool to your child’s age and temperament with adjustable progress markers and watch as they stay on track and achieve their goals.

The chart’s thoughtful design includes two name magnets and two colored tracks. Motivate your little one with extra milestone reward magnets. The complete package, featuring a magnetic reward chart, hanging string, storage pouch, dry-erase marker, magnets, and bedtime pass, ensures you have all the tools for a successful and visually appealing reward system. The LittleHippo Reward Chart is built to last, providing long-lasting motivation for your child’s developmental journey. I love how encouraging it makes these learning experiences for my toddler.

8. Washable Dot Markers

Since our house is big on creativity, these specially shaped-markers go a long way for us. The Cameron Frank Washable Dot Markers, a vibrant and mess-free art activity, is available on Amazon. They are designed to fit comfortably in any hand, including your toddler’s. These markers are adored by preschool and kindergarten teachers for their simplicity and ease of use. The non-toxic, non-leaking formula ensures minimal cleanup, making them a parent’s dream compared to traditional craft supplies.

These dot markers offer a unique way for children to explore color, stamp, and decorate. But it continues beyond there because they also come with worksheets your little one can do to increase hand-eye coordination, count, and dedicate themselves to simple learning. With downloadable PDFs for additional activities, this set is a fantastic addition to your toddler’s artistic journey and makes for a thoughtful and ready-to-give gift. Turn ordinary coloring sessions into extraordinary adventures with these dot markers that promote focus, creativity, and, most importantly, endless fun for your little ones.

9. Kids Play Couch

Hands down, the MeMoreCool Kids Couch is one of the things I found on Amazon that has changed my life the most. It sounds silly, but it’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a versatile and imaginative playground for toddlers. The couch is an 8-piece modular design with foldable seats, back cushions, and round cushions; the foam sofa transforms effortlessly into anything through imagination, like a playhouse, rocket ship, fort, tunnel, bed, chairs, or whatever else your little one can imagine.

Notice the enchanting luminous design that can add an extra touch of magic, creating a beautiful night sky with glowing stars when exposed to light. The portable handles make it easy to move and transport, while the durable and elastic foam core ensures it can withstand the most adventurous play activities. It is safe and fun for my little one and keeps my son entertained longer than a typical toy. I like the removable and machine-washable plush velour cover, so it’s easy to clean, making this kid’s couch an ideal addition to playrooms. It provides a comfortable and safe space for play and sparks creativity and endless possibilities for your toddler’s imaginative adventures. You will know just how special it is once you try it.

10. Funky Junque Mommy and Me Dress-up

The Funky Junque Mommy and Me Beanies set is not just a winter accessory; it’s a delightful way to engage in a fun and fashionable toddler activity. This matching beanie bundle allows moms and their little ones to showcase their bond with style. Nothing makes a little one feel more proud than to be just like mom. The cozy knit beanies with playful pom-poms add warmth and flair to cold winter days. Beyond keeping you and your child snug, these beanies are perfect for creating lasting memories and adorable photo opportunities. When my son sees my hat, his first instinct is to run and get his. It’s always a sweet moment that makes us both feel wonderful and loved. There have been times when I’ve been cooking, and he will run up with my hat to make sure we are both wearing them. It sounds silly, but it makes a big difference for him.

Whether building snowmen, enjoying outdoor adventures or having an indoor family photoshoot, these beanies symbolize shared moments and are a delightful way to capture the season’s joy. The matching set is an instant hit on social media, making it a fabulous accessory for creating Instagram-worthy posts, engaging Facebook friends, and crafting viral TikTok or YouTube videos. It’s not just a beanie; it’s a fashionable statement for making winter memories with your toddler.

Honorable Mention:

My 2 year old loves to wear a sun hat as he plays and here are a few of my favorites.

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