Shopping at The Malibu Barbie Truck Tour

Recently my sister Heather and I had the opportunity to check out the Malibu Barbie Truck Tour! The truck tours all around the United States selling exclusive merchandise. The merchandise can only be found if you are lucky enough to have to truck make a stop at a location near you. The Barbie Truck gets a different theme each year and this year’s is a classic; Malibu Barbie!

If the merchandise alone wont get you to visit the truck, the overall cuteness of the truck sure will. The Barbie truck is decorated in all Malibu Barbie theme. Its so pretty and colorful! Specifically the colorful palm trees and sunset painted on the truck. It just looks like Malibu Barbie, making it the perfect backdrop for photos. We always take a ton of Instagramable photos wherever we go so be sure to check them all out.

In my YouTube video you can see a full list of items available on the Barbie Truck. We got the thermal water bottle, and both sets of patches. Heather has some really cute ideas for the patches so keep an eye on her channel for that. However I do wish I would have got the towel as well!

Barbie Truck Tour SubHead

We visited the stop at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine California. It is the perfect location for something like this. There is so much to do there. All of the palm trees and Farris wheel created the prefect atmosphere for this stop of the Barbie Truck tour.

Naturally my sister Heather and I always dress for an occasion like this! I wore a pink Bebe dress, Malibu Barbie sunglasses, Barbie NKLA nail wraps and a Barbie heels purse. I have had the purse for years and got if from Its cute but I rarely use it.

Overall I am so happy with my experience at the Barbie truck tour.  It is so much for to buy exclusive merchandise of barbie nonetheless. I do that whenever I can.

Finally, for a list of all the Barbie Truck Tour stops you can click here. We love doing this sort of thing and plan to bring a lot more content like this your way so stick around!

SarahLovesSparkles Malibu Barbie Truck Tour 2021

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