Exploring the Largest Plumeria Garden In California

Recently my sister Heather and I had the opportunity to explore the largest plumeria garden in California! This beautiful garden is in the Los Angeles Country Arboretum in Arcadia, California. 

The plumeria garden has over 120 beautiful different colors. Some of them are even really rare colors. There are different varieties of plumeria plants; big and small. It is truly something to experience. 

We always love dressing for any occasion that we are experiencing. This is no different. Also Heather made herself a beautiful plumeria theme outfit. You can see her process here. I wore a nice tropical dress from This was my first big outing after having my baby a month and a half prior. For this reason I was still fitting into my maternity clothes pretty well so this dress was perfect for the occasion. 

In my YouTube video below you can see us exploring the plumeria garden. We see so many beautiful plants of all sizes. 
Not only is it a calm relaxing experience but it is also an amazing place to take photos. We always take a ton of Instagram-able pictures wherever we go. Then the plumeria garden creates such a unique tropical backdrop. 

Plumeria Garden Video

The LA Country Arboretum is a botanical garden. It has a wide variety of different the themed gardens and is home to tons of beautiful Peacocks. They even have a Peacock Café which is where Heather held my bridal shower. Lastly She even made me a White Peacock inspired bridal shower dress for the occasion. 

There are many events for guests to attend at the LA County Arboretum. Also we just so happened to visit the plumeria garden on their plumeria day event. At the event guest are able to explore the garden, buy plumeria plants from nursery in attendance, drink plumeria cocktails, take classes about the plant, picnic and more.

Tickets to the LA County Arboretum, where the plumeria garden is located, are $15 per person. You can purchase tickets here. Although I do recommend checking out the whole botanical garden while you are there.

Lastly I truly enjoyed my experience at the plumeria grove. Also, we loved taking photos there, smelling the flowers and just having a relaxing walk through a beautiful garden. Definitely something nice, inexpensive and relaxing to do in Los Angeles!

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