Animal Crossing Review – New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an endless game that you can play on the Nintendo Switch. For this reason I am doing an Animal Crossing Review. You are able to collect items, interact with friends, and enjoy a soothing soundtrack. This game has been one of my favorite games since its release in 2020 because it never ends and there are many things to do. I recommend this game for people who have a lot of free time because they will not be disappointed by how much content Animal Crossing New Horizons offers!

These are all screenshots of my Island used to decorate this Animal Crossing Review.

There is so much to collect in this game! That is one thing that I love about it. There are fish, bugs and furniture. Some are more rare than others. Some bugs and fish are rare and harder to catch that others. Plus the game works in real time so certain bugs are only available at certain times of year, just like in real life.

Animal Crossing Review Cont.

There are so many villager friends you can make on Animal Crossing too. I like meeting new villagers because they’re funny, cute, and have their own personalities. There are several personality types in the game. Everyone has their own favorites. Mine just so happens to be Stitches the cub. I think he is just so cute and funny.

I also love how creative this game is. You can make your island look however you want it too. I like making my own little towns with for all the animal villagers I have befriended throughout the years. Its fun to create different themed areas. Everyone’s Island is unique to them.

One of the best parts of animal crossing is that it’s never ending. You can play forever and there will always be more things to do! I played over the course of a whole year and just love experiencing the different season and holidays. It is so much fun to explore the many areas of Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s definitely a game that you can get lost in, if you want to!

I love playing animal crossing with my friends online because it makes for better experience! I am excited about some of the new features as more are to be released in the next few months.

One of the worst part about this game is that it takes up a lot of time. I like animal crossing but not everyone does. It takes commitment to play and keep playing daily because there are so many things to do, collect and explore. Their are daily tasks so most people who are into it play daily.

Animal Crossing retails at $59.99 and can be purchased here.

Overall animal crossing New Horizons has been one of my favorite games that I have played in an extremely long time! There are so many things to explore and collect, real time elements, creative design options, endless gameplay…there really isn’t anything bad about this game. Its something I recommend.

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