Reprise – Sustainable Activewear is as Comfy as it is Incredible

If you’re anything like me, you love being comfortable while working out. But comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or performance. Reprise Activewear’s sustainable activewear workout set is as soft and trendy as functional.

The brand is sustainable activewear made from plant-based material. That’s right; it’s as environmentally friendly as incredibly comfortable. It’s perfect for gym buffs or those who want to have a cute and comfy set to begin their workout regimen. There isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t find comfort in this great brand; however, that’s not the only reason I fell in love with Reprise.

Reprise is serious about its mission to free your body from plastic. Their sustainability effort is one of the softest feeling workout sets on the market. It’s soft to the touch, leaving you feeling as impressed as it is flattering to the figure. This is simply the best way to show that you care about what you wear while working out, as Reprise is nearly wearable skincare. It’s a brand that proves what you wear is just as essential to care for your skin and body as what we put on it.

Why I Love This Sustainable Activewear

The brand offers various color options to suit many different personal preferences. While we got to try the ice melt set (its soft vibrancy is to die for), there are also many other style options to suit different preferences.

One of our favorite parts about the brand’s aesthetic is its focus on yoga. They provide some of the best options for what to wear while on your journey with yoga. In addition, they offer workout sets perfect for practicing and herbal yoga mats that prove valuable to those practicing.

Reprise is sustainable activewear that proves more impressive than I could have imagined. It leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch after wearing one of the sets. It’s one of the only workout sets I’ve ever worn that leaves me so comfortable the confidence naturally exists within the plant-based fibers of its incredible design. So if you are looking for the perfect workout set, look no further. Reprise has that little something extra that has yet to shine through with other brands.

Wearing my Ice Melt Reprise Activewear Set!

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